Saturday, September 25, 2010

OC's and the like.

A friend inspired me to try drawing my old OC's again. It sounded like a good idea, so I gave it a go. I've only done one of my characters, and it's very awkward. I'm still not that good at body structure, form, and pose...but I've gotten a lot better since 8th grade trying to draw anime people haha...
Here is the beginning of it all....Oh, what a feeling of nostagia...haha not really XD

lol my stupid obsession with Inuyasha
Those doodles are the beginning of all my drawing today. They are absolutely horrible, and they all started with the show Inuyasha hahaha....I was a strange kid. Here's today's results of's not that great. Later i'm going to post original drawings of him, you know, before and after. That should be interesting. This is Eric, from my long forgotten story, "Trapped".

I still have REALLY old comics that I drew, they look horrible, and yet I am still tempted to try again. This stands no chance in happening, as I still suck at bodies and backgrounds, and college takes up my personal life. So I'm stuck. But I've been drawing people a lot lately, so maybe I will gradually get better. Here's to hoping, and practice. 

Signing off.

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